Our Intelligent range of Services

Our services are infused with AI, to ease your headache.
We offer business intelligence solutions that are reliable in developing
your business to a higher level of understanding. We help you make sense of your data to promote informed decision making in every sectors of your business.

Custom Software Development

We are the most Agile software development company in Lesotho
Our claim comes from a number of Software solutions developed in a very short period of time
We ensure quality with high-level software quality matrix and first class Customer Satisfaction

AI development

AI is the fastest growing sector of technology proven to be cost effective and sufficient.

We develop advanced problem solving algorithms with capacity to understand natural language to assist your business in handling automated tasks that depend on human intelligence for production.
We help you business produce faster results.

IT service Consulting

Businesses need Technology to thrive in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

We offer Sustainable Tech consultancy services based on your unique business model. Our intelligent business modelling techniques will make your business harness cutting-edge technologies and evolve faster with ease.

Artificial Intelligence Consultancy

Historical records are very important for you to understand your business identity in External Environment.

Get your business valuable strategies by analysing your data, producing tangible results in real-time and predict real-time solutions that are not only feasible but sustainable too.

Digital Product design and Planning

Product development does not have to be your pain, its supposed to be your success.

Our business Intelligence modelingtechniques can get your team going, virtually or physically. We can help you define the relationship between your business and product development and growth

3D Data Visualisation

Are you looking for 3-Dimensional design of your project, building, game development and more?.

Ask us for help and we won't disappoint, interactive and static 3D solutions to support sustainable development in various sectors.