SusTech Virtual Agents

SusTech Virtual Agents are AI-powered software applications enable marketing to participate in personalized conversations that ignite Sales. They boost sales or service productivity by simulating human conversation or "chatter" via text. Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI), which is powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) trained on your data, quickly train chatbots and provide them with relevant knowledge and suggested responses.

Virtual Agent is accessible to assist businesses across your enterprise, including IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, and HR Service Delivery.



User satisfaction

Improve self-service by assisting users and customers in swiftly obtaining what they require through omnichannel experiences. Allow your users to get immediate assistance at any time of day or night. Increase user and customer happiness by providing a tailored Virtual Agent experience that remembers and utilizes information provided during the discussion.

Increased productivity

Deliver great experiences for your users, as well as your agents and technicians, by deflecting tickets and reducing call volumes.


Automation support

By automating basic support procedures, you can scale your support operations and free your agents and technicians to focus on more difficult user concerns.

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Standard Features

Personalized experiences

SusTech Virtual Agent uses SusTech knowledge in every aspect to create intelligent, tailored, and relevant conversations that convert leads into clients.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Allow Virtual Agent to use NLU to comprehend the intent of what people are looking for and offer more appropriate answers.

Pre-built conversational topics

Quickly deploy AI‑powered chatbot conversations using customizable templates for the most common enterprise IT, HR, and customer service.

Live agent hand-off

Seamlessly transfer the entire conversation history and context to the right human agent so they can quickly address any escalations and resolve user issues.

NLU Workbench

Without writing a line of code, you can create and tweak complicated models that are tailored to your organization's vocabulary and acronyms.

Intelligent Analytics

Track your bot's performance and key matrices on your dashoard.